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Without a doubt, tires are a vital part of the car. Properly inflated tires with good traction ensure that your auto makes the most use of fuel. They also go a long way in taking the strain off of other moving parts of your vehicle. Tires also only have a set number of miles before they need to be replaced. If you go too long without changing your tires, you run the risk of them bursting while driving. This can be somewhat dangerous and lead to expensive repairs.

Fortunately, changing your tires is a simple process with shops like the auto service center at Walt Massey Ford. When it comes to tire maintenance, we are one of the most affordable automotive service centers in Columbia, MS. We can inflate your tires, diagnose any problems causing wear, and replace them if need be. Please book an appointment at our shop online for the best car tire change service.

When Do You Need Tire Change Service?

Understanding when to get auto service can make taking care of your car a much easier process. If you know what to look for, it is simple to tell when your tires need changing. Often, the treads on your tires will be visibly worn out. You can also try to base tire maintenance around how many miles you put on each tire. If you do not want to rely on yourself to diagnose what is wrong with your car, you can always bring it by our service shop at Walt Massey Ford. Otherwise, the following are good rules for determining if you need a tire change:

  • Tread is worn – Typically, you want to replace your tires once the tread has worn to 1/16th of an inch. You can use a specialized tool called a tread depth gauge to determine this. Another popular method to measure tire length uses a penny. Insert the penny upside down in between two tread grooves. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, it is time to get new tires.
  • Bulges in the tire – If your tire sidewall bulges out, it means that the tire’s internal structure is damaged. Replace these immediately.
  • Nails, rocks, or other sharp objects are stuck in the tire. Even if they look like they are not causing problems, they probably are.
  • Steering is cumbersome – If your car tires have worn unevenly, you might have trouble keeping the car in a straight line. This also might indicate underlying problems.

If any of the above sounds like your car, please book an appointment online today.

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You do not want to let your tires go too long without service. Our expert tire technicians can help you out. Schedule yourself on our calendar to start taking advantage of the best auto service shop in Columbia, MS at Walt Massey Ford.

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