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Tire Alignment Service

Alignment Service Savings

When your car’s wheels are out of line, it can cause many problems. For starters, your tires can start to wear out unevenly. It also means that your car is not making effective use of fuel. Other car components can also be affected by the unbalanced nature of a misaligned vehicle. That said, keeping the correct alignment is a critical aspect of vehicle maintenance. Failing to do so can cause some costly repairs.

If you have had a minor scrape or suspect your wheels are misaligned, visit us at Walt Massey Ford in Columbia, MS. We rely on our service department to make sure all of our cars are ready to sell, including wheel alignment service. They are experts at providing this essential car care. We also have some of the lowest prices on car alignment service in Columbia, MS. So schedule a service appointment today.

When Do You Need Alignment Service?

Knowing when you need tire alignment is not always obvious. Anything from a minor scrape to a collision can knock your wheels out of line. Even a deep pothole can do the trick. Typically, after a significant accident, you will bring your car to the mechanic anyways. As they work on the auto, they are sure to catch any misalignment. However, when you have a minor accident that appears to cause no damage, you should still bring your car in for an alignment check. Not catching this problem as soon as possible might let it snowball into a massive cost.

The following are some signs to look for that mean you might need a tire alignment:

  • Vibration – If the steering is difficult, your car vibrates, or it pulls to one side, this could mean uneven tire wear and misaligned wheels.
  • Collision – whether you got in a parking lot fender bender or a high-speed crash, your car will need to undergo an alignment check. Running over a curb or pothole can also mean you need an alignment check, especially if it was a noticeable bump.

If any of the above sounds like your car, please do yourself a favor and bring it into Walt Massey Ford. We have some of the best mechanics in the area. Moreover, our cost-effective prices are made lower with our seasonal service specials. You can book yourself ahead of time to guarantee a spot on our schedule or try to bring your car at your convenience.

Schedule Alignment Service at Walt Massey Ford

Ensure your tires have the proper alignment to prevent more expensive damage to your car. Even if the tires are barely misaligned, they can have meaningful effects on your fuel use.
Getting your tires aligned is no trouble at all at Walt Massey Ford. We have the lowest prices and best service center in Columbia, MS. To skip the line, schedule yourself for a time on our calendar with our online form.

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