What Are the Benefits of Electric Cars?

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To EV or not to EV? That is the question. Many Columbia-area drivers are asking themselves if their next vehicle should be an electric car, and although no two buyers have exactly the same needs, choosing an EV offers tons of benefits. So, should you upgrade to an electric vehicle this year? We’ve laid out everything that you should understand before moving forward.

Should You Buy an EV?

The ROI that you’ll enjoy with an electric vehicle will vary depending on where you live, and on the relative prices of electricity and gasoline in your area. However, EV-curious drivers have every reason to anticipate a nice windfall from their investment! According to the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute, who performed an extensive study on EV operating costs in 2018, average EV ownership costs tend to be more than 50% lower than the ownership costs of gasoline-powered vehicles, on a national scale. 

If you’re still on the fence, keep the following pros and cons in mind:

Reasons to Buy an EV

  • Less Maintenance: EVs are easier to maintain than gasoline powered vehicles, and since there’s no internal combustion engine, you won’t even have to worry about changing the oil. What’s more, you can rely on our service center for all your EV maintenance needs.
  • Help the Environment: EVs produce low or no emissions, and that makes them much better for the environment overall. You’ll improve local air quality and—since electricity, unlike gasoline, can be produced through renewable resources—you’ll also do your part against climate change.
  • Excellent Performance: Efficient EVs can take you farther for less money, but that’s not the only performance advantage that they offer. Many EVs offer incredible levels of power with multiple motors, and they’re much quieter than gas-powered vehicles, too.
  • Price Stability: Gasoline prices fluctuate wildly, while electricity prices tend to remain more or less constant over time. It’s easier to plan ahead and stick to a budget when you have a better sense of your recurring costs.

Reasons to Consider Other Options

  • Range Anxiety: Most electric vehicles cannot go as long between ‘fill-ups’ as their gas-powered and hybrid counterparts, and EV charging stations are still less plentiful than gas stations.
  • Charging Times: Although charging speeds are increasing at a rapid clip, it generally still takes longer to charge an EV than it does to fill up a gas tank. For most EV owners, charging at home overnight is a simple solution.
  • Cold Weather: Cold weather can reduce the performance of EV batteries, so those who often drive long distances in colder climates may seek out alternatives.

All in all, an EV can be a phenomenal choice—especially for the driver who doesn’t commute long distances and can afford to charge up at home!

Hybrid vs. Electric Vehicles: Which is Right for You?

If you’re still not convinced that an EV is right for you, consider a hybrid! While EVs only use a battery and an electric motor to produce power, hybrid vehicles combine these technologies with a traditional gas-powered engine.

Since you’ll still fill up your EV at a gas station and you won’t ever have to plug it in to charge, a hybrid is a good choice for the driver who wants better fuel economy but isn’t yet ready for a lifestyle change. A hybrid may also be a good choice for those who lack a garage with a charging station, or those who want a vehicle that can handle long-distance road trips without charging delays.

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